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Susan Morrow



Individual, Marriage and Family Therapy


You may be at a turning point in your life where you want to change the trajectory your life has been on. This is a choice that takes courage, wisdom and strength. I understand this territory, and will help you to find the confidence to move your life in a direction that is meaningful to you and more satisfying.

Our culture generates a dizzying amount of information and demands that compete for our attention. We live fragmented, staccato lives — with perhaps some nagging, sense that something is off  kilter.  With our senses muted, we risk losing our connection to what sustains us as a species.  Life can take on  a compulsive quality, sometimes expressed through addictions, compulsive working, disordered eating, unsatisfying relationships or mindless shopping.  We lose the cues to what nourishes the soul and enlivens us. In a half–awake state,  strive as we may to connect in our primary relationships, we find ourselves yearning for deeper connections. Sometimes we become resentful that our partners, friends and families are unable to reach us in a more meaningful way. We may be unable to reach for others when we need them the most.

Therapy offers the opportunity to still oneself to the wisdom that reflection brings. Whether this takes the form of couples counseling, individual counseling, couples intensives or group therapy, the therapy process provides a different lens through which to look at our lives. From this freshly informed position, we can then strive to find more creative ways to live in this world — that will provide real sustenance and comfort. To replace emptiness and distress with hope.

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.

Carl G. Jung

I have been helping couples, individuals, families and groups for twenty–five years. The common thread in my work has been the satisfaction that comes from working with people to develop the skills and gifts that engage them more deeply with self, relationships and the world. I first saw this at work at my mother’s kitchen table, a sanctuary where friends, neighbors, and family congregated.

After serving in a various non–profit settings; as a program director in community mental health, as clinician in family services and treatment agencies, and as an educator and trainer in substance abuse prevention and community wellness programs, I began a private counseling practice. With broad, varied experiences helping couples, groups, individuals and families, I am equipped to help you to negotiate life’s transitions and bumps in the road. I will be happy to help you to nudge your life and relationships into focus.