Couples Intensive Therapy

Whether you wish to fast forward your progress towards healthy intimacy,  or revitalize a marriage in serious distress, couples intensives can be a wake up a marriage. Spending private time together over two days, couples intensives are designed to help you to refocus and build emotional connectivity. This relationship focus experience is designed to help you and your partner to develop the safe, secure, loving bond you have been longing for.

Do you seek  improvement in your communication? Are you longing for a deeper connection? Do you wish for renewed hope?

Couples Intensives are 8 hours of couples therapy over a two day period. To make the most of your experience, I recommend a hotel stay the evening of day one. If you can take the time away from your routines, the focus on your relationship will be enhanced.

You will experience guided conversations with your partner in a safe process to deepen your intimacy and trust. You will be given structured exercises, a calming environment, helpful information, and tools to improve your bond. I will guide you to troubleshoot if you get stalled, as you learn new ways to bring closeness back.

The couples intensive process is based on the book “HOLD ME TIGHT” by Dr. Sue Johnson, internationally acclaimed attachment science researcher and developer of EFT — Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

If you desire lasting love and strong bonds, call 704-332-5153  or contact me today to get started.