I use the best regarded, research–based couples therapy approaches available in North America. Based on the work of John Gottman, PhD (The Gottman Institute) and Sue Johnson, PhD (Emotion–Focused Therapy)

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Carl G. Jung

Social psychology research has married the new brain science and it’s quite a productive match. We are now seeing major breakthroughs in the world of couples therapy.

This collaboration of psychology and neurology has demonstrated that in fact, humans are biologically wired for connection.

The new love science backs up what relationship experts have long intuited. In close attachment relationships, when a moment of disconnection is experienced - perhaps the reaction we have when our partner forgets to pick us up at the airport - an “alarm” will go off in our brain. When a wife frequently has drinks with the well-heeled, attractive man she works with, her husband’s reptilian brain might just signal danger, and then his primitive fight/flight survival mechanism becomes engaged. When she returns home, he is much more likely to engage her with lizard-informed words rather than to let her know how worried he is about potentially losing her love.

Highly regarded attachment researcher and author of the bestselling relationship guidebook Hold Me Tight further explains:

“The bonds between parent and child and adult partners are our safe haven in a potentially dangerous and random universe.”

We now know how to build and protect a close, healthy, loving relationship. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy provides a practical, focused map to lead you out of these stuck places of disconnection into a secure, loving bond that modern science tells us is crucial to our survival as a species.

Even highly distressed couples can rewire their love relationships to build intimacy and marital satisfaction.

This solidly researched, empirically validated therapy helps partners, step by step, to build a new culture of appreciation. If you find your relationship at an unbalanced or slippery place, I am eager to provide you with the map and tools to get you back to solid ground. Call 704.332.5153 or email today to get the process toward connected love started. Have questions? Feel free to get in touch.