If you find yourself at a point where you need additional guidance in your life, I am equipped with tools, strategies and perspective.

I have been providing psychotherapy, consultation, and training services to individuals, couples, families and groups for over 20 years. My background includes private practice counseling, family services agency counseling, non-denominational counseling for a counseling center integrating psychotherapy and spirituality, crisis assistance counseling for crime victims, as program director of a chemical dependency treatment center for young adults, and community health promotion and substance abuse prevention services.

I offer trainings for clinicians, programs/workshops for parent groups, church groups, teachers, corporate management, employee groups, students, civic clubs, professional organizations, and self–help groups.I have presented at local, regional and national conferences. I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of issues. If you are interested in having me address your group, talk to me about what you want to accomplish. I am happy to present programs on a variety of topics including healthy families, healthy relationships, communication skills, stress management, managing conflict, communicating emotions, and in general, emotional health and wellness topics.

The least of things with meaning is worth more in life than the greatest things without it.